Sara Pezzini - A Little Mystery

Before I started this project, I never read a Witchblade comic, but I did watch the TV series. It was a good little show. I liked the mysteries and problems Sara would find in the dark underbelly of NYC. Mysteries can be fun to solve. I think of the spiritual practice as a mystery. It’s mysterious to me why 20 minutes of meditation can help my mood and health? I will continue to practice because I want to be in good health.

A Little Mystery

“And if there’s one thing I’m finding out about myself, it’s that I’ll go a long way for a little mystery.” - Sara Pezzini *

NYPD Detective, Sara Pezzini, is mortally wounded by Ian Nottingham. He and his employer Kenneth Irons are in possession of a rare magical artifact, the Witchblade. A sentient metal gauntlet which bonds with a chosen female host. The Witchblade chooses Sara Pezzini as the chosen host. Sara and the Witchblade stand together against the mysterious underworld of New York City. 

What is a spiritual practice? It’s solving a mystery. Catholics around the world speaks of the “Mystery of Faith”. We truly do not know what the mystery will bring but still many of us seek the answer to the mystery. We find the answers in our faith practices. Even the agnostics and atheist seek answers to the great mystery. For some Science can answer those questions. For others the study of the animal kingdom can solve the mystery. Many Taoist believe that seeking the great mystery is seeking the spiritual. It does not matter how the mystery is sought as long as the search continues. 

The Witchblade (Sara Pezzini)
First Appearance: Cyblade Shi, #1 (1995), Image Comics, Top Cow Comics

Creators: Marc Silvestri, David Wohl, Brian Haberlin, & Michael Turner  

* “Portals”, Witchblade, #157, 2012, Top Cow Comics