Arion - Bridges

I have burnt a few bridges in my life – some of them I regret doing and I have attempted to rebuild some bridges. I have also built a few bridges. I try to l keep my bridges well structured especially my spiritual bridges.


“The day Arion can’t form a simple bridge of ice…” - Arion*

Before Atlantis sank to bottom of the seas it was land locked. The Atlanteans were powerful magicians. The immortal Atlantean sorcerer Ari’ahn is a follower and student of the Lords of Order. His twin brother Garn Daanuth is a follower and student of Chaos. Ari’ahn soon gains the title of “Arion” and becomes a Lord of Order. Along with his friends Wyynde and Lady Chian (his lover) Arion battles the Lords of Chaos among them is his brother Garn Daanuth. Arion also seeks ancient artifacts that can help in his battles bridging the gaps between Order and Chaos.

Building Bridges – we have heard that before. This is another way of saying making connections. Connect with people places and things.  The lyrics from the great Simon and Garfunkel song (made immortal by Aretha Franklin), “Bridge Over Troubled Water” is a perfect idea here today. “…If you need a friend, I'm sailing right behind, like a bridge over troubled water, I will ease your mind, like a bridge over troubled water, I will ease your mind” Bridges between people helps us move further in our dreams. Building bridges to places helps us grow roots and gives us safe havens to return when times are rough. Building bridges to things (not material things but ideas such as love) gives us ideas to work toward. A bridge is part of our journey – today find a way to build a bridge.


First Appearance: Warlord, vol. 1 #55, DC Comics (March, 1982)  

Creators: Paul Kupperberg (writer) and Jan Duursema (artist)  

*“The Summoning”, Crisis On Infinite Earths, #1 (1985) DC Comics