Big Barda - Bring Hope

Big Barda is a favorite of mine. Her relationship with Scott Free was always fun for me. The advice she gives Wonder Woman, in this quote is inspiring. It reminds me to share hope with people I meet.

Bringing Hope

“Seriously Diana, when someone brings hope to another person it’s a gift.” - Big Barda*

Big Barda grew up hearing daily “Die for Darksied!” She was abducted at an early age and raised by the evil, Granny Goodness, in Darksied’s orphanage. Big Barda and all the others on the two planets, Apokolips  and New Genesis are the New Gods. Barda met and fell in love with Darksied’s adopted son Scott Free. She and Himon, from New Genesis, freed Scott Free. In return Big Barda was freed from Darksied’s and Granny Goodness’ influence.

“Hope” is a gift. “Hope” is a grace. Sometimes we have to work at finding Hope. Normally Hope comes from the unlikely places. Looking on the ground and finding an Ace from a fallen deck of cards or a star cut out of yellow paper or even a penny found on the ground. But also hope can come from a simple spoken word from a total stranger or a person that causes an issue in our lives. Hope is determination, hope is trust, and hope is belief that everything will work out just fine. The hope is there just buried under old junk. It can be found again, we just need to nurture ourselves. One and the best way to find hope again is to talk, share, and communicate with a friend or love one. Tell somebody you feel hopeless, your friend will then tell you just how hopeful you really are. If we decide to look for Hope we will find Hope. Hope will arrive and feel as a precious gift.

Big Barda
First Appearance: Mister Miracle vol. 1 #4, October 1971

Last Appearance: Death of the New Gods #1, 2008

Creator: Jack Kirby  

 * “Superman/Batman: Apocalypse” DVD September 28, 2010 (actress Julianne Grossman)