Hank Pym - Changes

If there is one thing I have learned through all my changes – changes are inevitable, there is nothing I can do to prevent change. Changes follow a cycle. The best thing to do is go with the flow and be the best you can be at any given moment.


“It’s shrinking me so fast, I can see myself change!” - Henry (Hank) Pym*

Some superhero powers involve changing. For all of us, change is an everyday occurrence. Some superheroes change their names and powers as often as they change costumes. For example Dr. Henry (Hank) Pym, a talented and brilliant scientist, devised a serum that will allow objects to change in size. He tried it on himself and Ant-Man was created. But eventually he became Giant Man, Yellow Jacket, and Goliath. With each change in power (growing or shrinking) there was a change in costume and manner. To Henry Pym life is full of drastic changes.

Change is inevitable. There is no way to fight change. Life is a series of cycles, like the moon. The moon changes in size and appearance every night. So do humans beings. Everyday is a new day. How can we learn to accept change? Doing nice things for ourselves will help us accept change naturally. It will help the attitude toward the change. Although not every change is pleasant at the end of the change you will be a new and totally different person with new wisdom to share. Let change happen naturally.

Hank Pym -- Ant-Man, Giant Man, Yellow Jacket and Goliath
First Appearance: As Henry Pym, “The Man in the Ant Hill” Tales to astonish #27, Jan. 1963

Second Appearance: As Ant Man, Tales to astonish #35, Sept. 1963

As Giant Man, Tales to Astonish #49, 1964

As Goliath, Avengers #28, May 1966

As Yellow Jacket, avengers #59 Dec. 1969

Creators: Stan Lee (plot), Larry Lieber (script), and Jack Kirby (art)

 * “The Man in the Ant Hill” Tales to astonish #27, Jan. 1963