Captain Thunder - Eyes Open

Finding the path can be difficult. The trick is keeping the eyes open. Keeping your eye on the mark. I have a goal – destination in sight. I have worked toward that goal. I am getting closer. It is work. I always wanted to go to Madrid. When the opportunity came I focused on the trip. I made the plan, I raised my money, I bought the ticket and I flew to Spain. The point is, I had a plan and I focused on that plan and I did the work needed to reach that goal. “If you pray for potatoes grab a hoe.” You will have to dig up your potatoes.

Eyes Open

“…You just have to keep your eyes open, that’s all. Just look where you want to be and the power will take you there.” - Captain Thunder*

Mike Freemont, Captain Thunder, a popular hero. He even received the Medal of Freedom. But how did he receive his power? Working in the mines on Mount Walakima there was a cave-in. Many lives were lost except Mike Freemont’s. The spirit of the mountain gave Mike power to survive and become the superhero Captain Thunder. To protect his family he abandoned them and moved to the top of Mount Walakima. Years later, his son Paul Freemont came looking for Mike. In a climbing accident Walakima gave Paul Freemont power as well. Mike and Paul became the father and son superhero team, Captain Thunder and Blue Bolt.

Do we trust that we will reach out destinations? How do we build that trust? We build the trust in practice. We want to go on a vacation to Madrid, so then we must plan and watch our journey unfold. Do the things that are part of the journey -- that’s the keeping the eyes open. Even if we want to be an actor on the stage we set our destination and start working toward the goal. We never close our eyes along the way. We do the work to get there. We trust that one day we will reach our destination. We will all reach our destinations. First, we have to pick the destination and then we plan, practice and move along that path. Eventually we will reach our destination.

Captain Thunder (Mike Freemont)
First Appearance: Captain Thunder & Blue Bolt”, #1 (September 1987), Hero Comics

Creators: Roy & Dann Thomas, Dell Barras

* “Back to the Beginning”, Captain Thunder & Blue Bolt”, #1 (September 1987), Hero Comics