Aquaman - Faith

In finding faith I have always struggled. What helped me the most was letting go of my past and relying upon simple spiritual concepts. I place my faith in LOVE. My spiritual life, my afterlife even my daily life is mine to create. If I have LOVE in my life I am happy. I do not need to search for anything more if I have LOVE.


“For comprehending an afterlife is a pure and utter matter of faith…” - Aquaman*

For Arthur Curry (Aquaman), the Sovereign of the underwater kingdom of Atlantis faith should not be easy. His mother a royal resident of Atlantis was exiled and found solace in a land-walker. The two fell in love and they gave birth to Arthur. When Arthur was a youngster, his parents died and Arthur went back to the 7 Seas. Eventually regained his birthright and became Aquaman. Over the years, Aquaman protects his kingdom from polluting corporations, his archenemies, and crazy random acts of nature. He has also married and divorced (and remarried) Mera, they have had children. Then on top of everything Aquaman lost his hand to Piranhas. But through it all Aquaman always finds away to believe everything will work out in the end.

Faith is difficult. Trust in something or someone is very hard, especially for independent people. We can find faith however in many ways – spiritual, family, friends, or just nature. We know everyday the sun will be there and it will shine warmly. But we also know change is inevitable. There is no way to fight change. Let it happen naturally. The act of faith knows something or someone is always available. We find the faith in our spiritual practices, in our mothers warm and toasted biscuits, or coffee with our best friends who are always there for us.  

First Appearance: More Fun Comics #73, Nov. 1941

Creators: Mort Weisinger (script), and Paul Norris (art)

 * “JLA: Heaven’s Ladder” 2000