Sun Boy - Nova Power Level

We all have goals to reach. Sometimes the goal is making it to Saturday. We made it! Reaching a goal is being steadfast, finding comfort, and finding joy. These will help us reach our goals. Now is the time to rejoice!

Nova Power Level

"Gotta try harder…reach Nova Power Level!” - Sun Boy*

Dirk Morgna’s father owns a nuclear plant and Dirk helps at the plant. Dirk delivers some supplies to Dr. Regulus, a scientist at the plant, when there is an explosion. Dr. Regulus loses his job and he in turn blames Dirk. Dr. Regulus kidnaps Dirk and throws him into a nuclear reactor. For some reason Dirk’s body absorbs all the energy from the reactor and obtains the ability to generate light and heat. Dirk applies for the 30th Century, Legion of Superheroes, and is denied because he can only generate light. Through practice and determination Dirk shows the Legion he can also generate heat and is accepted as Sun Boy.

The point here is that we try to reach different levels. How wonderful does it feel when we reach a goal – another 10 push-ups, a promotion at work, a finished degree, and acceptance into a conference? We worked hard, and our efforts show. We set our own limits. We set the level of goals to accomplish. We have to remember that sometimes it is little steps to reach a goal. The journey of 1000 miles starts with one step. Sometimes we may have to take the test 3 or 4 times. Sometimes we may have to send the same paperwork to different companies. Sometimes we may have to settle for only 5 push-ups. Just set the goal and start working toward the result. With a little effort one day we all may reach “Nova Power Level”

Sun Boy
First Appearances: Action Comics, #276 (May 1961)

Creators: JErry Siegal (writer) & Jim Mooney (art)

*Superboy & the Legion of Superheroes, We Can’t Escape the Trap in Time”, #223 (Jan. 1977)