Drax, The Destroyer - Rejoice

No matter what is going on in my life it seems I can always find the time to be joyful. Even on the saddest day of my life, the day my mother died, I was surrounded by friends and one said something (I can’t remember what it was) funny and I laughed so hard. For a moment I had joy for my friends in my heart. If not for my friends I would not have made it through alone. I try to find time each day to be joyful for what I have.


“Restrain your celebrations, Thanos. It is for this world to Rejoice…” - Drax, the Destroyer*

While traveling through the Arizona desert Arthur Douglas and his family is attacked by Thanos, a conquering alien that has come to Earth. Arthur and his daughter Heather survive. Heather is raised by Thanos’ Father Mentor on Titan and eventually becomes Moondragon. Arthur Douglas’ spirit is retrieved by Kronos the Titan god and given a new body to become Drax the Destroyer. Drax is charged with finding and destroying Thanos. Drax the Destroyer seeks to bring an end to the universal conqueror Thanos allowing the entire galaxy to Rejoice.

There is a time to rejoice and a time to be restrained. We as humans love to rejoice and celebrate. At times even a funeral can become a celebration of someone’s life. When we rejoice we express the joy we have in our hearts. Is it possible to express joy in every situation? Someone would say “no.” Just sit back and think – today is a good day. There has got to be something out there, even if it is as simple as the scent of Honeysuckles in the air. The smell for a moment will make the heart dance. Look for joy and the heart will rejoice. Ask any fourth Grader how they feel on the last day of school – They will show their joy and they will rejoice.

Drax, the Destroyer
First Appearance: Iron Man, #55 (February 1973), Marvel Comics

Creators: Mike Friedrich, Jim Stalin 

* “The Final Flower”, Logan’s Run, #6, 1977, Marvel Comics