Chemical King - Control Reactions

I grew up reading the Legion of Superheroes as a kid. They were my best friends. Chemical King is one of my favorite. His simple power did great things. I loved how his teammates respected him and loved him, but he could never see how great he was. He always questioned his ability. I really connected to him.

Control Reactions

"Chemical King get away from there! You’re absorbing too much radiation! You’re Killing Yourself!” - Colossal Boy

“Not if I can control that reaction…” - Chemical King*

Condo Arlik from the planet Phlon is a mutant with the ability to control the speed of chemical reactions. He can also absorb and change the chemical reactions. Condo Arlik joins the 30th Century group of teenagers, the Legion of Superheroes, and sets out to protect the universe as Chemical King. Chemical King considered himself the least of the Legionnaires. When a tyrant, Deregon, was attempting to take over control of Earth and was setting off a chemical reaction that would destroy half the planet, Chemical King stepped up and saved the world.

We cannot control other people, places and/or chemical reactions but there are things in our control. We can control our reactions. We can control our actions. We can even control our thoughts.  We do not have to give up and let others control our reactions. We do not need to carry another person’s baggage. With practice we will know what is right and wrong. We will know when to act and when to stay calm. With this practice we will know instinctively when to act – who knows we may even save the day.

Chemical King
First Appearance: Mentioned in Story, Adventure Comics #354 (April, 1967)

Second Appearance: Full appearance, Adventure Comics #371 (August, 1968)

Last Appearance: Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes #228 (June 1977)

Creators: Jim Shooter (writer) & Curt Swan (artist)

 *“That a World Might Live a Legionnaire Must Die!” Superboy & the Legion of Superheroes, #229, DC Comics (July 1977)