Vision - Man of Synthetics

I truly wish sometimes I was a “synthezoid”. Never to worry about things to be emotionless. But then I would not have the relationships I have. The only reason why the Vision tried to find human connection was because he wanted to be human not a synthezoid. This is a case of the grass is greener on the other side.

Man of Synthetics

“I can counter all of your organic powers, because I am a man of synthetics!” - Vision*

Dr. Hank Pym developed and created a sentient robot, Ultron, who would become evil and continually try to destroy all human life. Ultron would eventually create an android or “synthezoid” based on the brain functions of deceased Simon Williams (Wonder Man) and the android body of the original Human Torch. The “Synthezoid would infiltrate Avengers Mansion to destroy Hank Pym (Ant/Giant Man) and the rest of the Avengers. This would allow Ultron to conquer the world. Ultron’s ultimate mistake was using the brain patterns and the body of heroes. The Synthezoid found it difficult to complete the mission and broke free of the Ultron’s commands. This “synthezoid” became the Vision, a trusted member of the Avengers. One of the Visions functions was to understand what it meant to be “Human”. He would take the name Victor Shade and eventually marry the Scarlet Witch, Wanda Maximoff.

It would be great if we were synthetic! There would be no illness, we would stay young and beautiful and no troublesome emotions or feelings to get hurt. Math would be so easy! Our bodies would be unaffected by the weather or change of seasons. Oh but wait, we would not be able to enjoy the sunrise or the beginnings of spring. We would not feel the touch of a hand or hug from a love one. We would not know love. There would be no reason to seek out companionship. The range of emotions is a good thing to feel. Being human means there is always hope. Humans always have Hope in their thoughts. We would lose that if we were synthetic. The positive side of humanity outweighs the negative. Being human is much better than being synthetic. Well, maybe it is a good thing we have calculators for all those pesky math problems.

Vision (Victor Shade)
First Appearance: The Avengers, #57 (October 1968), Marvel Comics

Creators: Roy Thomas (writer) John Buscema (art)

* “Let All Men Bring Together”, Giant-Size Avengers, #4, May 1975, Marvel Comics