Maverick - Contradictions

I liked the mutant, Maverick. To take the kinetic energy from being punched and to absorb that energy only to redirect it back at the assailant is kind of cool. Maverick was part of the Legacy Virus story line that ran through the X Men comics. Maverick had the Legacy Virus and tried to keep it a secret. In the 90’s that was a serious topic. 


“Guess I’m just one big bundle of contradictions. Sounds crazy?” - Maverick                    

“Not at all, Bub. Welcome to the Human Race” - Wolverine *                         

David North, otherwise known as Christophe Nord, Maverick, and more recent Agent Zero, is a depowered Mutant that is a secret agent. He lost his abilities due to the Scarlet Witch’s M-Day event in which she changed the world. When David North had a healing factor like Wolverine’s, he could survive impacts and hits. Absorbing kinetic energy and releasing the stored energy into a blast. North, aka Maverick worked for different secret agent groups Cell Six (Cold War Germany), Weapon X (CIA), Team-X (Mercenaries) and on his own as a freelance agent. Maverick walks that thin line that many secret agents walk between right and wrong often contradicting what we think.

Contradictions – thought of as inconsistencies or direct oppositions between things. We contradict ourselves all the time. We will say “I don’t steal!” and then come home with a box of pens from work. Our thoughts often contradict our actions. It is a lot of work to gain a balance between our actions and beliefs. It is possible. It takes a daily spiritual practice. Use the contradiction to move forward. Another description of Contradiction is a Paradox. “A journey of 1000 miles begins with one step.” Use the paradox to be a benchmark in thoughts. Whatever it means to you then that will be your meaning. We are truly seeking Virtue, Balance and/or Integrity. These are reached when our actions and beliefs are the same.

First Appearance:   X-Men, vol. 2 #5, Marvel Comics, February 1992

Creators: Jim Lee 

* “Truth & Consequences” Maverick, #2, October 1997