Lilith Clay, Omen - Diversions

Lilith Clay, Omen, is one of my favorite Teen Titans. She started off as one of the weakest but as her story continued she became one of the strongest. Her telepathy and premonitions became an asset to the team. I’m glad she’s making a resurgence into the Titans.


“And when you count the diversions that you have in a day and it's amazing anything ever gets done.” - Nick Cardy*

Lilith Clay developed strange mental powers when she was young. She could read people’s minds and she had premonitions that came true. Seeking answers she asked the Teen Titans for help and eventually joined their team. Eventually she would grow stronger gaining telepathy and teleportation. She would find diversions in Don Hall (aka Dove) and a winged alien, Azreal. Eventually she would take the codename, Omen because of her precognition powers.  

We all love to have diversions – we call it procrastination. We find things that divert our thinking or duties. We are often diverted by bathroom breaks, phone calls and daydreams about the cute person next door. Sometimes diversions relieve our mind of intense and series thoughts or stressful planning. The trick is to pull ourselves back to the job at hand when the pressure is released. Today accept diversions as part of the day but don’t let them prevent us from completing our duties.

Lilith Clay (Omen)

First Appearance: Teen Titans, #25 (January/February 1970), DC Comics

Last Appearance: Titans/Young Justice: Graduation Day, #1-3 (July-August 2003), DC Comics

Creators: Robert Kanigher (writer) Nick Cardy (art)

“The Silver Age Sage”, Bryan D Stroud,