Siryn - Moment of Clarity

I always like characters with the Sonic Scream. Black Canary, Banshee and Siryn are just a few of my favorites. It would be cool to scream and destroy stuff or push objects or people back. Many superheroes games have a sonic scream option – that is one of my first options to choose. I think I wanted people to be heard growing up, that’s why I moved toward those characters.

Moment of Clarity

“…but then in a moment of clarity I remembered that I have friends who love me, and who I know will stand by me.”     Siryn*

Children sometimes follow in the parent’s footsteps. Theresa Rourke Cassidy the daughter of Sean Cassidy, the sonic screaming mutant Banshee, developed the same powers of her father accept her sonic voice has the power of suggestion. Sean did not know he had a daughter and Theresa’s mother died so she was raised by her evil uncle Black Tom (Sean’s Brother). Through her young life Theresa developed alcoholism. It was not until she was rescued by her father that she realized who she was and sought help with other young mutants. She went to AA and cleaned her act up.

That exciting moment when we realize, “Things are not as dark as they seem” or “I have friends that help me” or “Oh my gosh, that is an excellent idea.” We all have moments of clarity. They are very important. They are like the “spiritual awakening” or “intuitive thought.” It is best to just go with them, trust them and follow them. They are honest thoughts leading toward our heart’s desire.

First Appearance: Spider-Woman #37 (April 1981)

Creators: Chris Claremont (writer) and Steve Leialoha  (art)  

 * “Fallout” X-Force, #91, June 1999