Nighthawk - Gaea

Taking care of Gaea, Mother Earth, is important to me. I recycle as much as I can. One of the reasons I do not own a car is I do not want to add to the pollution. I clean up stuff around my building all the time. Not to help it look clean but to do my small part for the environment.


“No. No. NO! They’re attacking Gaea. A Goddess. The living embodiment…of the planet we all live on.” - Nighthawk (Kyle Richmond)*

Nighthawk, Kyle Richmond is one of those heroes that have a rich and long history. Kyle Richmond is very wealthy. He trained himself to almost super athlete abilities. He also took a potion which gave him further abilities. Using his wealth, he created a suit that helped him fly and fight. He started his career as a villain with the Squadron Sinister. Growing tired of villainy, he found his true calling as a hero. Kyle joined the Defenders and the Thunderbolts. But Nighthawk never amounted to much – although he loves being a hero.

So, what does Nighthawk have to do with Gaea, the Olympian Titan, the mother of the gods and embodiment of Mother Earth? Not much, he was just protecting her from his fellow Defenders that went a little crazy. Gaea, our Mother Earth is our home and we are her family. If home is where the heart is, then we are at home on the earth. Take care of your home. Take care of your own backyard. Individually it does make a difference – if many more would take care of their own backyard we would begin to see a difference.

First Appearance: As Kyle Richmond, The Avengers #69 (Oct. 1969) Marvel Comics

First Appearance: As Joaquin Pennyworth, The Last Defenders #1 (May 2008) Marvel Comics
Creators: (Kyle) Roy Thomas (writer) Sal Busema (artist),

      (Joaquin) Joe Casey (writer), Keith Giffen (writer & artist), Jim Muniz (artist)

* The Defenders, volume 2, #12,”Fooling with Mother Nature”, February 2002, Marvel Comics