Spider-Woman, Julia Carpenter - Don't Give Up

Marvel comics have so many spider themed characters. Many of them are females and variations of the same theme. One of my favorites is Julia Carpenter, Spider-Woman. I always loved her red hair with the black and white costume. I always liked to determination.

Don’t Give Up

“If anybody bet you an Avenger'd throw in the towel, they deserve to lose their money.” - Spider-Woman, Julia Carpenter *

Superheroes never give up. Yes, they may retreat or remove themselves from a bad situation but that is not “giving up”. For Julia Carpenter, Spider Woman (#2) the words “giving up” is not part of her vocabulary.  Julia was injected with a specially treated “Spider Venom” and found she had super strength, and other spider abilities and a psionic web. She is a single mother living alone in Denver. She answers the call, she fights “the good fight”, and she never gives up. But always her daughter comes first. This is where her true perseverance lies. Julia never wants her daughter to see her give up, so she fights and protects, and stands up for herself no matter. No matter the situation Julia teaches her daughter through example.  

There will come a time when we can not go any further, and we feel we must give up – DON’T GIVE UP! This is the lesson. We are brought to a situation that is stressful and hard to manage. The situation may be so bad that we must leave. The lesson is to learn that we do have the strength, the acceptance, the courage, and the wisdom to persevere. Sometimes the wisdom to leave and regroup is the answer we need. It is not giving up. It is taking care of us. It is standing up for ourselves. It is realizing this is a dangerous situation and it is time to leave. There may come a time when we need to stop and think. Step away and take that time. We will find that in every situation there is always an answer we just have to look for it. Emmet Fox once wrote, “There is no difficulty that enough love will not conquer:” Superheroes stand up for themselves and they never give up, they persevere. Be a superhero – never give up.

Spider Woman, Julia Carpenter
First Appearance: Secret Wars #6 and #7, 1984

Creators: Jim Shooter (script), and Mike Zeck (art)

 * Spider Woman (1993-94 2nd Series)