Nightshade - Big & Bold

Captain Atom and Nightshade were a great team when I was growing up. It wasn’t very popular, but I enjoyed reading them. When Nightshade joined the magic based team “Shadowpact” she really grew into a powerful hero. It’s a shame you never see her around anymore.

Big and Bold

“Now I can do something Big and Bold – with a full serving of spectacle!” - Nightshade*

Eve Eden, the daughter of Maureen Queen of the “Land of Nightshades” (a dark dimension) and a US Senator. Maureen fled to the magical dimension to keep her children safe from Incubus. Incubus was killing the royal family and trying to control the Land of Nightshades. Maureen passed on the magical dark gifts to her daughter. Eve is the sole survivor of the Land of Nightshades. She eventually joined up with Captain Atom and the Suicide Squad, fighting evil with King Faraday. Eve can control shadows creating 3-D shadow constructs, she can teleport through the Land of Nightshades and she can create areas of complete darkness. With a little concentration she can create her shadows into anything.

It is important to keep things simple. It is better to give of oneself than a big gift of expense but sometimes victories are won with surprise moves. If we are stuck in a rut – do something different. Boxers will often study their opponent’s moves learning, their styl. The best way to when the bout is to lure the opponent into a sense of victory and then throw a different punch shaking the adversary’s thinking and plan. We can do the same thing, change the hair color, add another 100 crunches or for a whim change the bike route. Doing something different can actually be advantageous to our day.

Nightshade (Eve Eden)
First Appearance: Captain Atom, vol. 2 #82 (September 1966), Carlton Comics, DC Comics

Creators: Joe Gill (writer) Steve Ditko (art)

* “The Laws of Battle”, Shadowpact, #7, January 2007, DC Comics