Dennis Sullivan - Somebody's Hero

Sometimes just being present and doing what’s right is enough to be a superhero. In the film “Somebody’s Hero” it was just that. Dennis Sullivan just trying to do what’s right and be a better person. You never know when a kind word and simple generous action (opening a door for the little old lady in your building) will be exactly what someone needs to brighten their day.

Somebody’s Hero

“Sometimes kindness is hard to find isn’t it? Helping others, doing the right thing takes real effort…everybody can be somebody’s hero.” - Dennis Sullivan*

Some heroes are just guys in a suit that try to do the “right thing”.  Dennis Sullivan is a normal everyday accountant, trying to be healthy and just do his job. Through a series of events Dennis is at a costume shop trying on a “Man America” (a popular cartoon superhero) costume when an attempted robbery takes place. In the costume Dennis prevents the robbery. One of the bystanders talked Dennis into continuing to wear the suit and try to bring hope to the city. Even after all this backfires and is called a fraud by the city. Dennis still found it in his heart to save a child from drowning. Keeping his words and actions true and proving to the city he is not a fraud, just a well-mannered guy in a suit trying to do what’s right.

No truer words could be spoken, “Helping others, doing the right thing takes real effort…everybody can be somebody’s hero.” But still they are hard, especially when we get in our own way. It takes an internal action to decide what is right and to always be kind. To be kind we are asked to step outside of our little boxes. Once you start it is easy. Politeness is one form of kindness that will go a far way in society. Remembering to say thank you, to look behind and hold the door for the next person or even to just respond when someone says “hello.” Picture this, a little lady has many packages and is struggling to enter her apartment building. So ask “excuse me do you need help?" It is up to her to say yes or no but for that split second she will see you as a hero.

Dennis Sullivan
First Appearance: "Somebody's Hero" film by Darin Backstead (writer & director), American World Pictures & Backlit Pictures (2011)

* Dennis Sullivan played by Christopher Gorham