Luke Cage - Steadfast

Steadfast is one of my spiritual pillars. My other pillars are Hope, Peace and Joy. I have learned about being steadfast directly from the superheroes. Through my turbulent childhood, I had to be steadfast against the bullies and naysayers. Being steadfast brought me to my ideas of hope, peace and joy.


“Sweet Christmas! Feel like I done fifteen rounds with Robocop! Gotta get up…”- Luke Cage, Power Man *

Superheroes live difficult lives but one thing to remember they do not give up. The “Hero for Hire,” Luke Cage – Power Man never gives up. When he was younger Luke was wrongly accused of a crime and was sent to prison. He volunteered for a government medical experiment to reduce his prison time. This experiment made his skin as strong as iron, and gave him super strength. He was eventually released from prison and brought the real criminals to justice. Luke as Power Man, decided to protect his neighborhood, helping the kids get off the street as a “hero for hire” (sometimes helping for just a piece of apple pie). He was a true inspiration. Luke Cage still is an inspiration. No matter what he never gives up. If he gets knocked down, he gets right back up! Luke is always ready to help.

It would be wonderful to have skin of iron and super strength, but we are only humans living in reality. But we can use the inspiration from superheroes to continue on our journey. Part of the reason superheroes don’t give up is because they want to see how things will end. Superheroes are steadfast on their journey. They do not give up. If we used the same determination and was just as steadfast on our separate journeys we too would become inspirations. Be steadfast, never give up, persevere to the end and we will find we do have power and strength beyond belief. 

Hero for Hire, Luke Cage -- Power Man
First Appearance: Luke Cage, Hero for Hire #1, June 1972, Marvel Comics

Creators: Roy Thomas, John Romita Jr., Archie Goodwin, and George Tuska 

 * “Blowup!” Heroes for Hire #2, Aug. 1997