Jolt - Pinch Me!

I have dreams some may be attainable others may not, but I have the dreams anyway. I do believe that dreams are important to life. Reaching goals can be hard work but if we keep a positive attitude they can be attainable. Dreaming of the goal to reach can offer a plan to reach and attain that goal.

Pinch Me!

“Somebody Pinch me – I must be dreaming!" - Jolt*

Hallie Takahama read and watched everything she could about Superheroes. She is a virtual library of superhero information. She can tell you practically everything about heroes and villains. She dreamed of becoming a hero. When the villain Onslaught and the Sentinels destroyed her city and killed her parents, Hallie could only seek help from the heroes’ inspiration. She found other children and she became their protector. She and the kids were kidnapped and experimented on – the other children died but Hallie developed strength, speed, agility and kinetic and bioelectric shocks. She took the name “Jolt”. Hallie broke away and found the Thunderbolts. Unknown to her they were the Masters of Evil, but with her effervescent personally and determination she convinced many of the Thunderbolts to become heroes and cease their lives of villainy. Her dreams of super heroism came true.

How does it feel when our dreams come true? Things just seem to be running smoothly. Even spilt milk is not a big deal. We work very hard to make those dreams happen. There is an old southern colloquialism, “If you pray for potatoes grab a hoe.” Meaning you will have to go out and dig up the potatoes, you’ll have to do the work. Another aspect of making dreams come true is a positive attitude. A positive attitude will bring positive results. Keep a positive attitude and of course your dreams will come true. And finally, many spiritual thinkers suggest that a clear and precise detailed dream is a must. Dream in detail, for example, “I am looking for an apartment close to the subway, shopping for groceries, dinning, theater and my job. The apartment building needs to be pre-world war with character. It needs to be in a safe neighborhood. The apartment needs to be within my budget. Oh, and it needs a view of the Washington Monument.” There with a clear detailed dream and a positive attitude all that is needed is the foot work.

First Appearance: (as Hallie Takahama) Thunderbolts #1 (April 1997)

First Appearance: (as Jolt) Thunderbolts #4 (August 1997)

Creators: Kurt Busiek (writer) & Mark Bagley (art)

*Thunderbolts, #21 December 1998