Quicksilver - Exhaustion

Quicksilver, Pietro Maximoff, is one of my favorites. I connected with him on so many levels. All people ever want is to be is accepted and loved. Some of us will do anything to receive that love and acceptance. For me, it has been a difficult journey to learn that love and acceptance needs to come from within myself. Seeking balance (physical, spiritual and emotional) is a good way to get the wheels in motion.


“So I run screaming for hundreds of miles. Thinking, if I cannot kill this angry beast in me maybe I can exhaust it before it does any harm.” - Quicksilver*                            

Poor Quicksilver, Pietro Maximoff, the son of evil mutant leader Erik Lehnsherr, Magneta, never received his father’s love. His twin sister Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch, during the M-Day event ridded the world of all but a few mutants, including Pietro. He married his wife Crystal of the Inhumans that did not love him. His daughter Luna disowned because of his lies. All Pietro ever wanted was to be loved and cared for – to be accepted. He would do anything to receive that love. Quicksilver has the mutant ability to run at superhuman speeds. The unfortunate thing is he thinks he can run from his problems. He thinks if he runs fast enough nothing can catch him. What he finds is that when he stops running there he is – he cannot run from himself.

There is something to be said about running and or exercising until you are exhausted. It does have that ability to stop the chatter that goes on in our heads. But when those little endorphins stop popping we find the chatter starts right back up sometimes louder. Let the running relieve the physical stress, talk to friends to relieve emotional stress and practice a spiritual life to relieve the spiritual stress. Today we seek Balance – Physical, Spiritual and Emotional Balance.

First Appearance: The X-Men #4 (March 1964)

Creators: Stan Lee (writer), Jack Kirby (art)

* “Quicksilver” #1, November 1997