Wonder Girl - Identity

Donna Troy is one of my favorite superheroes. She is also one of the most confusing characters. She has gone through so many changes. She has been called Wonder Girl, Fury, Troia, Darkstar, and for a brief time she was Wonder Woman. No matter the storyline, Donna Troy always finds her way to her best friends, the original Teen Titans –Nightwing (Dick Grayson), Flash (Wally West), Red Arrow (Roy Harper) and Tempest (Garth).


“That new costume was your idea – and a good one. It helped cement your sense of Identity" - Wonder Girl*

Donna Troy, Wonder Woman’s little sister? Donna Troy has had a very interesting career in comics with interesting story lines and different origins. One origin for Donna Troy is the version where Wonder Woman saves Donna from a burning building. When Wonder Woman realizes Donna was orphaned in the fire she takes Donna to Paradise to be raised as an Amazon. Donna is given the same gifts and abilities as Wonder Woman. Donna becomes Wonder Girl and joins the Teen Titans.  However, through all the different storylines Donna has struggled with costume changes and power changes but her identity has remained the same – a hero.

Webster’s Dictionary describes Identity as “the sameness of essential or generic character in different instances” but it continues as the distinguishing character or personality of an individual.” So for our discussion, Identity could also be Individuality. So how do we identify ourselves? First off we are Human. We all have the same emotions feelings and physical needs. With that said we should be able to communicate with other people easily. No matter how the other people will individualize themselves – Artist, Gay, Teacher, Father, Brother and Superhero. Some of us may not appreciate how others will identify themselves. That, in all honesty, should not be an issue because the number one identity we should all have is Human. Just remember we all have the same emotions feelings and physical needs.

Wonder Girl (Donna Troy)
First Appearance: As Wonder Girl, The Brave and The Bold #60, June 1965, DC Comics

Second Appearance: As Troia, The New Teen Titans #55, June 1989, DC Comics

Third Appearance: As a Darkstar, The Darkstars #23, June 1994, DC Comics

 Creators: Bob Haney (script), and Bruno Premiani (art)

* “A Long Night’s Journey into Day”, Firestorm, #42, December 1985, DC Comics