Rogue - Can't Get Close

I’m a hugger. I love to give hugs and get hugs. It’s that touch that’s so important to me. I could see a friend for coffee in the morning and give them a hug but later that night when I show up at their house for dinner…what am I going to do? Give them another hug.

Can’t Get Close

“…You can’t get close to some men…” - Rogue*

Anna Marie grew up in Mississippi and was a happy kid. She was however a rebellious teenager and developed a relationship with Cody her first love. At the moment of their first kiss Anna Marie’s mutant ability developed and Cody’s life force was absorbed, leaving him in a coma. Anna Marie kept a part of his personality in her head. Realizing anyone she touches is danger Anna Marie runs away from home. She concealed herself in clothing so not to accidently touch someone. When Anna Marie touches a super powered individual she has their powers for a brief time but keeps part of their personality. Soon Anna Marie met Raven Darkhölme, the villain Mystique, and was conned into joining the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. The more Rogue uses her powers the more fragmented her own personality becomes because of all the other personality parts she absorbs. Needing help Anna Marie seeks Charles Xavier teacher and founder of the X-Men.  Eventually Anna Marie takes the name Rogue, learns ways to clear her mind and joins the X-Men becoming a force of good. However Anna Marie is still unable to make human touch.

How terrible it would be to live without human touch – the human connection? We all need handshakes, pats on the back or even hugs.  A big part of why manicures, pedicures and massages are so popular is the human connection. It is invigorating and soothing. We all need to be touched no matter how uncomfortable it may be. We should learn what is the proper touching and improper touching. What is safe and unsafe? What is comfortable or uncomfortable? We should learn the good manners toward human touch. Some people are huggers and some are not. There is nothing wrong with asking a friend for a hug, sending out your hand for a handshake or even extending your hand to a friend to be held. When the human connection is made it is not just physical but spiritual and emotional. Watch people at the end of church services or AA meetings – everyone is shaking hands or hugging. It is an important part of the service.  It is beautiful to watch.

First Appearance: Avengers Annual, #10 (November 1981)

Creators: Chris Claremont, Al Milgrom, and Michael Golden

* “Night of the Sentinels”, The XMen, Season 1 Episode 4, 1992, Avi Arad (producer), Fox Network, Lenore Zann Actress