Captain America - Breathing Space

I love summertime! I recognize that I am lucky as a teacher. I appreciate this time so much. Summertime is my breathing space. During this time, I can paint, I can write, and I can go on long bike rides. It is my time to get centered and balanced. I use this time to get myself together.

Breathing Space

“All I need…is a few seconds of breathing space…time … to pull myself together.” - Captain America*

Steve Rogers is Captain America an American Icon. Steve was a frail and sickly man trying to enter the army but kept getting the 4F.  He was given the opportunity to join the army through science to take part in experiments to create a “super soldier”. The experiments worked, and Steve became Captain America. He was given an indestructible shield that can also be used as a weapon. Captain America is the cornerstone of the American people and/or the hokey Boy Scout with the idealistic optimism of the 1940’s America. No matter what, no matter how idealistic or hokey one thing is always certain – Captain America will be there to help. He will always do what’s right and help whoever is in need; fighting the good fight for all people.

Sometimes we get frustrated, angry or just tired. Sometimes things are so busy we cannot think clearly. Sometimes we need that “Breathing Space”. We need to take a step back and think. Stepping back will allow us to try and see the big picture. Teachers often use the “Time Out” for students. This is an opportunity to give children a choice or to leave a potentially frustrating situation. Time Out gives students the “Breathing Space” to calm down or think for a moment to change their actions or even to cry. We could use that “Breathing Space” to think, pray or rest before a potentially frustrating situation occurs. Today give yourself breathing space.

Captain America
First Appearance: Timely’s Captain America #1, March 1941

Creators: Joe Simon (writer), Jack Kirby (art)

*“Cap Goes Wild Captain America #106 October 1968, Marvel Comics Group