Power Pack - Ideal

What do I get from reading comic books? I am given of a story with good art. I find interesting characters that I can make connections with regularly. In the stories I find hope, acceptance, freedom and creativity. These connections nurture in ways I wish to live. I seek hope. I try to accept all I people I meet and show them the same considerations I expect. I seek freedom to be myself. I seek to be creative and show my creativity openly. These are good ideals to live by daily.


“I think people need an ideal to look at and try to become…” - Louise Simonson*

Sometimes superheroes are not adults – sometimes they are children. For whatever reason these children gain superpowers and decide to become the ideals they see in other heroes. For example “the Power Pack”. A group of four brothers and sisters (Alex Power, Julie Power, Jack Power, Katie Power) that were given powers by Aelfyre "Whitey" Whitemane, a member of the Kymellian race, to save their kidnapped parents. The children after the adventure decided to keep their powers a secret from their parents and the world. They saw friends in school with issues – drugs, crime and guns. They admired the superheroes so they tried to live up to those standards and teach their friends the same lessons.

What is an ideal? It is an embodiment of a standard or concept or model. It is the ultimate object or aim of noble character (paraphrase from Webster dictionary). We all have a set of ideals. These may be part of the religions we practice or a set of lessons we have learned. If we think about it our ideals tend to be the same no matter where they come from. The comic book writer Louise Simonson’s quote, “I think people need an ideal to look at and try to become…” she continues “and I think for me Superman is that kind of ideal.” What are the lessons? What are the ideals we are trying to learn? What do we learn from superheroes? Think about those questions and think about some answers – Freedom, Truth, Justice, Acceptance, and Hope…etc. those are the ideals we seek.

Power Pack
First Appearance: Power Pack #1 May 1984, Marvel Comics 

Creators: Louise Simonson (writer) & June Brigman (Art)

 * “Secret Origins: The Story of DC Comics”, DVD Release November 9, 2010