Cyclops - Stay Cool

I suffer from anxiety. Prolonged, stressful situations can bring on an anxiety attack that can last for days. I have medication that helps, and I use it when needed. After talking to my medical professionals, I do try to manage my stress and anxiety before taking the medication with practicing Balance. I exercise daily, I meditate daily, and I talk to someone about my stress daily. I found that if I practice a balance (physical, spiritual, and emotional) life my anxiety is manageable.

Stay Cool

“Stay cool, Iceman. Why do you think God created Kevlar? - Cyclops*

Scott Summers, Cyclops, is the leader of the X-Men. He has the ability to absorb energy and create blasts from his eyes. He needs to wear a special visor of Ruby Quartz or ruby lens glasses. Without the apparatus he has no control over his blasts. As a child, the Summers family was on a trip in Alaska when their plane was attacked by the Shi’ar (an alien race of warriors). Scott and his brother Alex, was given the only parachute and survived the crash. Surviving the crash and becoming orphans and wards of the state Scott and Alex became separated. While in the orphanage Scott’s mutant abilities manifest causing much destruction. Scott closed his eyes and ran away. Eventually he was found by Professor Charles Xavier, and became Professor X’s first X-Man

How do we stay calm or keep our cool in times of stress? Practicing a spiritual life helps in times of stress. The practice gives an arsenal of affirmations, prayers and mantras used specifically for calming and affirming ourselves. Believe it or not a daily work out clears the mind and strengthens the body making times of stress more easily managed. Communicating about the stress relieves some of the issues. This act frees the emotions allowing the body to calm itself. Here we are again at Balance – Physical, Spiritual and Emotional. A daily dose of Physical exertion, Spiritual practice (even just sitting silent) and communicating Emotions makes living easier.

First Appearance: The X-Men, vol. 1 #1 (September 1963), Marvel Comics

Creators: Stan Lee (writer) and Jack Kirby (art)

* “The Tomorrow People”, Ultimate X-Men, compilation of #1-6 (2004), Marvel comics