The Enchantress - Promise of Hope

If I didn’t have Hope I would be lost. My avatar on some games I play is “IOH” (Inferno of Hope). Hope is so important to me. When I hit my darkness period of my life it was the hope at the end of the tunnel that kept me going. The symbol for me is a star. The stars always offer hope in a dark sky. Stars are infernos of hope. Stars burn with the fire of LOVE.

Promise of Hope

“Maybe it’s because within the darkness of despair lies the Promise of Hope.” - The Enchantress*

June Moon, young timid freelance artist was invited to a costume Halloween party to strange yet haunted castle. While exploring the castle she finds a secret passage that leads to a strange being that empowers her with gifts to defeat magical evils.  Speaking the words “The Enchantress” blonde mousey June is transformed into a beautiful raven haired and aggressive Enchantress. She prefers to remain the Enchantress continuing to study her craft. At one point the dark magic takes control of her and she becomes a villain but when the Spectre threatens to defeat and absorb all the magical beings of the world the Enchantress and other magical heroes defeat the Spectre. June Moon again becomes the Enchantress fighting for the side of light. The Enchantress is one of the founding members of the “Shadowpact”. Even using the dark magic the Enchantress is a shining light of Hope.

Hope! We talk of Hope often. How can we share Hope as often as possible? We humans tend to forget that there is always Hope. Even in the “darkness of despair” there is always Hope. Look for Hope every day. When Hope is found remember that time and place. It is in remembering Hope that it becomes stronger. When we are in the dark city of Gotham there is always Hope. All we have to do is remember a moment when we experienced Hope. Keeping that moment in our memory will make Hope grow and grow. We will find that no matter how dark the city is there will always be Hope.    

The Enchantress (June Moon)
First Appearance: Strange Adventures, #187 (April 1966), DC Comics

Creators: Bob Haney (writer) Howard Purcell (art)

* “Protégé’s”, Shadowpact, #7, November 2007, DC Comics