Greatest American Hero - Serious Actor

Believe or not I never got into the Greatest American Hero. It was the 1980’s and I was all about having fun. Sitting around and watching TV wasn’t always fun. I enjoy that it wasn’t serious. I think being serious all the time can make people sick and unhappy. That’s why I try to find something fun or at least pleasurable in everything.

Serious Actor

“Well, here I am in my spandex. Believe it or not, I used to be a serious actor.” - William Katt

Ralph Hinkley is a high school teacher, while on a field trip with his students he and an FBI Special Agent, Bill Maxwell, encounter aliens. The aliens give Ralph a red suit that gives him superhuman abilities. The aliens inform the two that they must work together to save the Earth. Ralph Hinkley becomes the Greatest American Hero. The two men find great adventures but keep a good sense of humor through the adventures.

Seriousness, yes we know to be a “superhero” we need to be serious at times. Face it to save the world is a serious matter but can’t we have fun being serious? We don’t have to crack jokes at the serious matters but we can find pleasure in our job. Look at all the superhero TV shows and movies – and the actors! They all were happy to be working, to have jobs and most of them loved the challenge to play a heroic character. We can definitely take our jobs serious but at the same time enjoy our work and the goal accomplished. Just keep a good sense of humor when we have to put on the silly red spandex outfit and blue cape. Yvonne Craig, TV’s Batgirl, speaking about her role on the TV show Batman said, “… And every day was wonderful fun.” So today try to have wonderful fun at what you do.

Greatest American Hero
First Appearance:  “The Greatest American Hero”, TV Show, 2 hour pilot aired, March 1981.

Series Lasted: 1981-1983

Creator: Stephen J Cannell