B’wana Beast - Transformative

Today I am reminded of the cycles of life. The flow of the seasons turns into years. I am looking to make changes in my life. I know with each ending there will be a beginning.


“Why is it that for so many heroes a lifetime battling injustice was born from some tragic loss? Perhaps for most the natural reaction is to wallow in ones pain…not for those destined for heroic greatness…for them it can be transformative, energizing and with growth comes wisdom." - B’wana Beast*

Mike Maxwell an adventurer finds an elixir and a magical helmet. After drinking the elixir and donning the helmet Mike transforms into B’wana Beast, with the ability to mix animals into Chimeras and communicate with animals. He also gains advanced senses, strength, endurance, speed and agility. With his gorilla friend Djuba, B’wana Beast protects the innocent in Africa. Eventually he joins forces with Animal Man and fights for Justice in America. 

We all experience loss. Loss is a natural part of life. With every gain there is a loss. With every beginning there is an ending. B’wanna Beast hits it on the head. We have a choice we can wallow in the loss or let it transform us into something new.  The caterpillar gives up its life to become a butterfly. We may not have elixirs or radioactive liquids or magical helmets to help us transform but we do not have to wallow in pain. We have phones to call friends; we can go to a coffee shop to connect with people. We have spiritual practices and rituals. We can go for long walks. Remember life is a series of cycles of gain and loss; beginning and ending. It is what we do during these experiences that are important. We can also give ourselves time to change – in time the cycle will change again. In time we will transform.

B’wana Beast
First Appearance: DC Comics Showcase, #66 (January 1967)

Creators: Bob Haney (writer) Mike Sekowsky (art)

* “The Siege of Starro!” part 2, Batman: The Brave & The Bold, season 2 episode 14, (Sept. 24, 2010), Michael Goquen (director) C.C. Beck, Joseph Kuhr (writers) Kevin Michael Richardson (actor), Cartoon Network