Gravity Girl - Shouldn't Hit a Lady

I loved the Galaxy Trio by Hanna-Barbera. The simplicity of the stories boiled everything down to simple messages. For example, having good manners is an easy way to keep the peace.

Shouldn’t Hit a Lady

“Shouldn’t hit a lady Mr. Robot!” - Gravity Girl*

There is a band of Peacekeepers that travel the universe protecting the innocent – they are the Galaxy Trio, Meteor Man, Vapor Man and Gravity Girl. Gravity Girl is the daughter of King Gravitas and she has the ability to lift things up or weigh things down by her mind. This ability also gives her the power of flight.  In a time of peril, she decided to leave her life of privilege and home to join the Galactic Patrol to defend the universe from evil. She is a founding member of the Galaxy Trio. Gravity Girl always keeps the two other members on their best manners.

Sorry gentlemen there are NEVER reasons to hit a lady; even if she hits you first. Find another way to get your message across. The same could be said to the women. Ladies there is never a reason to hit a man. There is never a reason for violence – FIND ANOTHER WAY. If you have good manners there will never be a reason to fight. Always have good manners and there will be a calm and gentle atmosphere around you. Remember what the spiritual thinkers teach, “a man of war will find war.” Therefore a man of Peace will find Peace.

Gravity Girl
First Appearance: The Robot Revolt, Birdman & Galaxy Trio TV Show, Sept. 9, 1967, NBC

Creators: Alex Toth, Neal Barbera, Phil Hahn, Producers Hanna-Barbera  

* “The Robot Revolt” Birdman & Galaxy Trio TV Show, Sept. 9, 1967, NBC