Darkstars - So Damned Much

I can get so bogged down in my little life that I forget to look out the window or to smell the flowers. It’s during these times I call a friend and just talk. I may not talk about my issues – I may just listen to them and their needs. For that moment I’m taken out of my own head and I’m thinking of someone else.

So Damned Much

“You’ve got so damned much to live for.” - Darkstar, Ferrin Colos*

From an alternate timeline continuity come the Controllers – an offshoot of the Guardians of the Universe (creators of the Green Lantern Corps). The Controllers also believed in Peace and Safety through the known Universe. Using the energy powers, they possessed the Controllers empowered a specific armor called the “Crimson Exo-Mantle". Then the Controllers created NEMO (the Network for the Establishment and Maintenance of Order) to police the Galaxy. Members of NEMO were called the Darkstars. They wore the Armor traveling and protecting the universe. Members included John Stewart, Donna Troy, Vardan Radz, Galius Zed and Ferrin Colos. Ferrin Colos was from the planet Zamba. The Zambians knew nothing of space travel or people from different planets; they were a primitive people. Zamba was plundered of its rich resources by the Qinoori raiders. The result left the Zamba a wasteland with few survivors. Darkstar Vardan Radz found Ferrin Colos and offered Ferrin Colos an opportunity to join the Darkstars and help all people. Ferrin Colos found peace and much to live for.

Sometimes when we are having issues and problems we forget that there is a world outside the window. Our issues and problems are just that and nothing more. Think of them as math equations – there is always a solution. Yes, we get stressed and find the equation difficult and hard but there is always a solution. Step back take a moment and look out the window. There is “so much to live for” and our problem just needs to find a solution. Try talking to a friend about the problem. Even if they just hold our hand or nod their head in support that might be just the inspiration needed to continue. A good friend is something to live for.  

Darkstar (Ferrin Colos)
First Appearance: The Darkstars, #1 (October 1992), DC Comics

Creators: Michael Jan Friedman (writer) Larry Stroman (art)

* “Mean Streets”, The Darkstars, #1 (October 1992), DC Comics