Captain America - Strength

I’ve always liked Captain America. Not for the patriotism or some symbol for the USA. Captain America is for the people. The regular people come first. It never matters what color, religion or orientation, all humans are to be protected.


“...Strength isn’t born just of the body and not simply of the mind. It’s an outlook. It’s your goals…” - Captain America*

Steve Rogers is Captain America an American Icon. Steve was a frail and sickly man trying to enter the army but kept getting the 4F.  He was given the opportunity to join the army through science to take part in experiments to create a “super soldier”. The experiments worked and Steve became Captain America.  He was given an indestructible shield that can also be used as a weapon. Captain America is the cornerstone of the American people and/or the hokey Boy Scout with the idealistic optimism of the 1940’s America. No matter what, no matter how idealistic or hokey one thing is always certain – Captain America will be there to help. He will always do what’s right and help whoever is in need; building strength through actions and beliefs.

That is truly a profound statement from one of the strongest characters. The idea of true strength being the accomplishments of goals or actions is different from how we normally perceive strength. The idea of strength being connected to our integrity adds to a greater idea of holistic living. Yes physical strength is connected to weight or stamina. But integrity is when our actions and beliefs are the same. Let’s look at Gandhi, not a physically strong person but spiritually strong.  For spiritual principles he chose to be a change in his world. Did Martin Luther King know his conviction to the dream would bring emotional healing for all Americans? We may not be these great human examples but we can exhibit the same strength.  Waking up each morning we pray and meditate. We try not to yell at the selfish coworker. These are good examples of different kinds of strength that would include the physical, spiritual and emotional stamina. Captain America has an excellent idea using a positive outlook along with the physical spiritual and emotional strength to reach that goal.

Captain America
First Appearance: Timely’s Captain America #1, March 1941

Creators: Joe Simon (writer), Jack Kirby (art)

* “Tigra”, Icons, #1, May 2002