Blok - Turning Back

I’ve been told, “If you have one foot in the past and one foot in the future, you’re pissing on the present.”  It is the present that everything is happening. The present is moving through time. The past and future do not move. With that thought it is best to stay within the present or we could get lost in time. It’s funny that I am using a future civilization to discuss the present – that’s what I love about comics.

Turning Back

 “There is no turning back, Light Lass, not for any of us.” - Blok*

 In the 30th century there will be a group of Teenagers inspired by the 20th century Superheroes. These teenagers from distant planets will come together and form the Legion of Superheroes. Each member will have a unique power. Blok is from the planet Dryad, and has the abilities of super strength, size and density manipulation and energy absorption. When his planet was dying the Dark Man and the Legion of Assassins convinced Blok that the Legion of Superheroes was actually killing his planet. Blok learned the truth and joined the Legion of Superheroes.

 Like Cher we often sing, “If I could turn back time…If I could find a way…” But we cannot. Time does not work like that. Thinking about the past can create, resentment, negativity and regret in our lives. It is not wise to spend too much time thinking about the future as well. The best place to think is the present. There are times that we need to make an amends for a past issue. We need to make the amends and move forward. Don’t dwell on it or worry about it. To move forward in our lives we must be grounded in the present. The present is moving in time. We look in the past to see how far we’ve traveled and feel satisfaction for the journey. We look in the future to see how far we can still travel and to be amazed at the vast horizon. In the present we will find everything we need to move forward.

First Appearance: Superboy and the Legion of Superheroes, #253 (July 1979), DC Comics

Creators: Gerry Conway (writer) & Joe Stanton (art)

* “Darkseid”, The Legion of Superheroes, Volume 34, #294 (December 1982), DC Comics