Mockingbird - Unarmed

I am a creative person. I often turn to my creativity to let go of stress. I turn to my creativity to have fun and enjoy the day. However, I also turn to my creativity to inspire and help me problem solve. My creativity is not just part of who I am it is also a tool that I can use in many different ways.


 “…You think I’m unarmed, Star! As long as I have my battle staves and my athletic prowess…Who needs guns?” - Mockingbird*

 Dr. Barbara “Bobbi” Morse is, Agent 19 for S.H.I.E.L.D. When Bobbi was a Biology student in Georgia she went with her favorite Professor, Wilma Calvin on a government project, Project: Gladiator. While working on this project she was recruited by S.H.I.E.L.D. She entered the spy school and graduated top in her class, taking the codename Mockingbird. Soon she is sent on a mission to observe and gather information from “Cross Technological Enterprises” where Clint Barton, the Avenger, Hawkeye, is the Security Chief. Unknown to Hawkeye, the CEO is actually the villain Crossfire. Mockingbird and Hawkeye’s first meeting is of course a fight but eventually the two solve the mystery and save the day. Then they fall in love and are married. Mockingbird becomes the love of Hawkeye’s life. They start the West Coast Avengers together.

 This is not political and not about gun or weapon control. It is about however what we have that makes us talented. This discussion has happened many times. Humans tend to forget what we have that is special because we are bogged down with negativity and fear. We need to be told and reminded many times that we are greater than our material selves. We all have gifts that allow us to move and create new things freely. Some of us are athletic, so continue to be athletic and practice often. Some of us are artists (visual, performance and writing) so continue to do that and practice often. Some of us are good at business and organizing or managing things that is a good skill practice and continue. Whatever it is we do that brings us joy continue to practice that. Try to bring that energy to our homes, our workplaces and our spiritual lives. One day we will find we have a prowess and we will never be unarmed.

First Appearance: As Dr. Barbara Morse, Astonishing Tales, #6 (June 1971), Marvel Comics

Second Appearance: As The huntress, Marvel Super Action, #6 (Jan. 1976), Marvel Comics

Third Appearance: As Mockingbird, Marvel Team-Up, #95 (July 1980), Marvel Comics

Creators: Gerry Conway, Barry Smith, Len Wein, Neal Adams, Roy Thomas, MArk Grunewald, Mike Fredrich, George Evans, Steven Grant

 * “A Bird in the Hand”, The West Coast Avengers, vol. 2 #8 (May 1986), Marvel Comics