Hawkeye - Charity

I always try to see the best in others. Sometimes it is difficult, but I still try. I must begin to see what’s good in myself.  We can’t help others until we learned to help ourselves. We can be generous until we learn to put stuff aside for our own well-being. I can’t forgive others until I learn to forgive myself. All of these are charitable acts but they all begin with the self.


 “You’ll find away Trick! Somehow, you’ll find away. I’ll do what ever I can to help! I owe you that much!” - Hawkeye *

Some superheroes start their heroic careers as villains or wrongly accused of villainy. One such hero is Hawkeye. Clint Barton was an orphan who found his way into a carnival. Clint was train by two villains “Trick Shot” and the “Swordsman”. Clint was inspired by Iron Man, and soon took on the mantle of Hawkeye – the world’s greatest archer. On his first time out as a hero Hawkeye was wrongly accused of crimes and faced Iron Man. Iron Man sponsored Hawkeye in to the Avengers and Clint cleaned up his reputation. Hawkeye always finds the best shot because he is the greatest archer, but he is also very charitable. Finding the goodness in his fellows. Hawkeye helped Trick Shot die honorably of cancer, helped the Swordsman become a hero, he even took the defeated “Masters of Evil” and turned them into a group of heroes called the “Thunderbolts.” Seeking the best shot or goodness in others is Hawkeye’s talent.

 There is so much good in the worst of us and so much bad in the best of us that it would be wrong to find fault in the rest of us. Charity is looking at our fellows and knowing that deep inside there is good and that our fellows are worthy of our respect and kindness. No matter how right we are, and how difficult it would be a little charity to our fellows will make us stronger. Charity to others will lead in the right direction of peace and understanding. Who knows we may turn a few villains into heroes along the way.

First Appearance: Tales of Suspense #57, 1964

Last Appearance: Avengers #501, 2004

Creators: Stan Lee (script), and Don Heck (art)

 * “The Triumph of Trick Shot!” Solo Avengers Starring Hawkeye #5, Apr. 1988