Catwoman - Existence

I simply exist. I do have a purpose. I try to achieve that purpose and my goals. However, I simply exist just like everyone else on this planet. When I realized that it made accepting all people easy. I accept all people because they exist on this planet with me. we exist together.


“A cat is a cat. She has no race creed or color. The way I feel about myself… I have no race creed or color, I belong to everyone.” - Eartha Kit

Cats walk a thin line. Cats are loved – cats are hated. Cats do what ever they please; they take whatever they want. Cats have an unbelievable style balance and grace. They find the most difficult spot to sleep. Cats have stealth and strength; which Cats use to find security. A cat owns nothing, but the world belongs to a cat. A cat accepts everybody but trusts no one. Selina Kyle is Catwoman, the superhero that walks the thin line of a cat. She is a hero, and she is a mystery. When she started off she was a thief, fighting Batman at every change. But now she uses her catlike skills to achieve objects, acquire information and to protect the innocent. She protects the East Side of Gotham single handedly. Looking at her life, the training she went through to be great, Selina has grown to be more catlike, accepting and protecting many people simply because they exist. To Selina there is no race, creed, color, or sexual orientation, she will steal or protect. To Catwoman it makes no difference – that is her existence.      

There are billions of people on the Earth. Each one of us is different. Each one of us is the same. We all have the same feelings, the same emotions, and the same desires – although we are a different race, follow a different creed or have a different color. We are human, and we exist on this planet together. Our individual life experiences make us different but if we look very close at one another we will see similarities. We all exist on this planet – Earth. We simply exist, and acceptance of this existence is important to peace and understanding. We simply exist.   

First Appearance: Batman #1, Spring 1940

Creators: Bob Kane and Bill Finger