Ravenstorm - Cannot Learn Anymore

There is always something to learn. I seek an open-mind and heart, so I am willing to learn more. I am a person living on this planet. To know about my fellow inhabitants will help me become a more accepting person.

Cannot Learn Anymore

 “You never know so much, you cannot learn anymore.” - Ravenstorm*

 Obsessed with the Mystical Arts but unwilling to practice these dark arts Berlin exchange student, Joachim Matthias Reinhardt sought a different route to become a hero. Reinhardt used technology to create his “nano-noir” technology. Reinhardt soon became the lone hero Ravenstorm. He soon settled on Striga Island as part of Rhode Island’s Paragon City. Ravenstorm is always ready to train young heroes and help them learn the skills they need to become better heroes.

 A fortune cookie once suggested, “Being a man means constant revision like correcting writing.” We are like books with many different chapters and in every chapter we have learned something. The events of the past chapter lead to the events in the next. The past lesson leads to the new lesson. We are always changing and growing – learning. Keep an opened-mind and grow. Have conversations, sharing new ideas and become a scholar. Travel to new places, see new people and do new things. When a person does this they change into a new person. George Greenstein wrote, “Ask a new question and you will learn new things.” Here is a challenge, ask someone a question that you do not know the answer?

First Appearance: As part of “City of Heroes” (MMORPG) Issue 3, January 4, 2005

Creator: EJ Nelson  

 *Dialog with the hero in training.