Saturn Girl - Subconscious Impulse

Years ago, I was riding my bike home from work. I had the thought take the long way home don’t take the short cut. I didn’t listen to that thought. The short cut is down the steep hill and at the bottom of the hill is an intersection with a bling spot for the intersecting cars. A car was pulling out into the intersection and could not see me. As I start breaking, I tipped my bike forward and fell. Sliding down the rest of the hill getting road burn and I ripping my pants I thought, “This is it!” I’m not dead but I decided from that moment on to listen to the impulses – especially while riding my bike.

Subconscious Impulse

“Something made me suggest coming here today – Some subconscious impulse... nagging at me…trying to tell me something…” - Saturn Girl*

The 30th Century sees a group of teenagers, the Legion of Superheroes, protecting the universe. The three founding members, Garth Ranzz, Rokk Krinn and Imra Ardeen rescued the VERY wealthy R.J. Brande. But Imra Ardeen was the heart of the group. Imra was a talented telepath from Titan, Saturn’s seventh moon. She was top in her classes. She had come to Earth to look for work. She never thought she would become, Saturn Girl. The Legion of Superheroes depended on her telepathic abilities.

 Those “Subconscious Impulses” can drive us crazy. They get in our head and they won’t stop until we act upon or the opportunity passes. These could be a message; these could be our heart’s desire or even intuitive thoughts. Would it truly hurt to follow one or two subconscious impulses? Would it hurt to join that Tai Chi class, send a resume to a corporation where you always wanted to work or call a friend you keep thinking about? Sometimes it is OK to act on an impulse – it could be considered your Heart’s Desire and it is OK to follow your heart.

 Saturn Girl
First Appearance: Adventure Comics # 247 (April, 1958)

Creators: Otto Binder (writer) & Al Plastino (artist)

 *“Hunt for a Hero Killer” Superboy & The Legion of Superheroes #229, DC Comics (July 1977)