Spiderman - Responsibility

Peter Parker, Spiderman, is probably one of the most popular superheroes. Mainly because he is young and has the same problems we all have. The same concerns and worries we all do – Rent, Food, Job Security, Friendship and Family. Reading a Spiderman or any comic can often take me out of my head and allow me to be free from worry for just a little while.


“With great power, comes great responsibility.” - Uncle Ben Parker *

Peter Parker, Spiderman, has based his whole superhero career on responsibility. “with great power, comes great responsibility, one of the most popular and profound comics book colloquialisms. Responsibility is a double-edged sword for Peter Parker. It can be his greatest strength always instinctively knowing what the right thing to do, whom to protect and how to protect them. But responsibility is his greatest weakness because at times he slips in responsibility for his family or friends because he is out “Saving the World.” 

Responsibility is a gift. Responsibility is a struggle. It is a double-edged sword for all of us. We all struggle with responsibility, we pay our rent month after month, we go to work day after day, we become bogged down with all this responsibility. All we truly want to do is play and be young with out a care in the world – but the world needs us to be “Responsible.” We all have duties and chores to accomplish. But the world will not fall out of orbit if we take one day to play and be youthful. Sometimes it is OK to spend the day with the kids instead of going to work. On occasion it is OK to call in sick and go to a gallery. Once in awhile it is OK to take a longer lunch break. This is not being irresponsible it is taking care of us. It is loosening the grip that society and responsibility puts on us. Today we do not need to “Save the World.”

First Appearance: Amazing Adventures #15, Aug. 1962

Creators: Stan Lee (plot), Steve Ditko (art)

 * Amazing Adventures #15, Aug. 1962