Robin - Support

My favorite part of Batman is the people Batman surrounds himself with for support. I can say the same for Superman, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. If these characters did not have a strong supporting cast, they would just be boring. We all need a strong supporting cast to make it through the day.


“Tim, don’t! You know what happened to Jason.” - Alfred Pennyworth

“Of course, I do. But it’s like I said to Dick. Batman needs help. Batman needs Robin!” - Tim Drake – Robin III *

 The greatest superhero team is Batman and Robin. Batman is a one-man war on crime. As a child, watching his parent’s murder drove Batman over the edge. But without someone to care for, someone to protect, someone to maintain the link to humanity Batman would fall into this abyss of total insanity. Robin is Batman’s link to humanity. There have been five Robins. The first and foremost Dick Grayson, but Dick grew up to become the hero Nightwing. The second, Jason Todd, the street thug that would never listen to Batman and was eventually killed by the Joker. There was Stephanie Brown who tried hard to be impressive but failed in the eyes of Batman. She was also killed. The last Damien Wayne Batman’s son, the current Robin. Finally, Tim Drake, the third Robin. Tim was a true detective that figured out Batman’s and Robin’s secret identities. After Jason’s death Batman offered the Robin mantle to Tim. There has always been a Robin for Batman. Batman needs someone by his side. Batman needs support, a link, an ally, a partner, and a friend. Robin will always be Batman’s support.

We all need support from time to time. We can not go silently through life. We will eventually need someone to talk to, someone to offer help and someone to offer protection. In return we will be there for someone who needs our help, our protection, and our ear.  Life is difficult. Why go through life alone? Why make our lives harder? Take the time to share with someone. We all need at least one friend. Even Batman has one friend. Who knows we may even find our own Robin to share life with? 

First Robin: Dick Grayson, Detective Comics #38, April 1940

Second Robin: Jason Todd, Batman #368, 1964 Last Appearance: Batman #428, 1988

Third Robin: Tim Drake, The New Teen Titans, #60, 1989

Fourth Robin: Stephanie Brown, Robin, #126, May 2004

Fifth Robin: Damien Wayne, Batman, #657, November 2006

Creators for all Robins: Bob Kane, Bill Finger (Dick Grayson), Doug Moench, Don Newton (Jason Todd), and Marv Wolfman, George Perez (Tim Drake), Chuck Dixon, Tom Lyle (Stephanie Brown), Grant Morrison, Andy Kubert (Damian Wayne)

 * “A Lonely place to Die” Batman #442, 1989