Batgirl - Brightest

I don’t need to remind you how I feel about Batgirl, Barbara Gordon. She is my angel. She is always a source of Hope and inspiration. She is a bright star in the dark grimy city of Gotham.


“My Dad said it doesn’t matter that there weren’t a lot of stars, because you could always see the brightest.” – Batgirl *                                                     

Barbara Gordon is the daughter of Gotham’s Police Commissioner James Gordon. She has PHD’s in Library Science and Computer Technologies. She has a photographic memory and acquired detective skills. But above all that she is Gotham’s “Dark Darling”, Batgirl. She trained with Batman and the rest of the “Bat-Family”. Batgirl is the light to Batman’s darkness. She brings hope where Batman brings fear.

In the cities where light pollution is strong we don’t see as many stars as we would away from the light pollution. However, the stars we do see are the brightest. Stars are always a symbol for hope. In the vast darkness there are these little lights, but these stars are huge massive sources of light. Some are more powerful than our sun. Just like our Sun these stars are sources of Hope. We can be a source of light, a source of hope in times of darkness. That feeling we have when looking at stars or the sun can be shared with those around us. When we keep a positive attitude those around us will feel the same hope we feel when we look at the brightest stars.

First Appearance: As Batgirl, Detective Comics #359, DC Comics 1967

Creators: (Batgirl) Gardner Fox (plot), Carmine Infantino (art)

* “The Brightest Star in Heaven”, Batgirl Annual #2, October 2018, DC Comics