Mr. Fantastic - Extended Family

This is going to sound weird but from a kid’s point of view it makes sense. I included myself as part of the Fantastic Four’s family. For me they were the perfect idea of a family. Reed Richards, father, work a lot but always found time for the family. He often included his children into his daily activities and accepted their ideas. Sue Richards, mother, was also busy but made sure the children and home were cared for but also included the children in her activities. Then we had the uncles, Johnny and Ben were always ready to have fun and take the kids on adventures, but they were very protective of the home and family. For the Fantastic Four, Reed, Sue, Johnny and Ben the family was all important. Franklin and Valeria, the children never felt unaccepted or unloved. I like to think I am part of their Extended Family.

Extended Family

“This is the Fantastic Four. Meet my family. Or should I say…My Extended Family.” – Mr. Fantastic * 

The day Reed Richards talked his friends into a rocket and the four were doused by cosmic rays, their lives were changed fantastically. Reed Richards, Mr. Fantastic and the leader of the “Fantastic Four” have five friends he chooses to call family. Sue, his wife is his passion, Ben his stability, Johnny his imagination, and his children Franklin and Valeria are his heart. Without these people his life would be boring and lonely. Even to a superhero, partners, friends and family are important. Fantastic Four is a family of choice but there have been others to join this extended family.

We all have biological families. Our family of origin can be a source of great joy or great pain. The Family Choice is of our own making and it can be more powerful and meaningful than the biological family. Why is it so meaningful? Because we choose with whom we want to build familial relationships. These people are chosen into our lives. They are wanted and accepted. This idea of extended or family of choice can be so powerful and loving.

 Mr. Fantastic
First Appearance: Fantastic Four #1, Marvel Comics 1961

Creators: Stan Lee (plot), and Jack Kirby (art)

* “Where We Make A Stand” Fantastic Four #2, Marvel Comics, 2018