Dazzler - The Moment

My life changed the moment I stepped on the plane to move to DC. However, my life truly changed the moment I put my hand in that hat and drew out the piece of paper with Washington, DC on it. I celebrate other moments in my life. Those moments, successful or failure, are important to me and should be celebrated. I try not to let those moments pass. Those “moments” have guided me into the person I am today.

The Moment

“This is the Moment I’ve been waiting for…the moment I’ve always wanted…” - Dazzler*

Just like regular folks’ superheroes have dreams and aspirations to become singers, artists, doctors or lawyers. Alison Blaire wants to become a singer and she has a beautiful voice but her strict father wants her to become a lawyer. At a high school dance, she is asked to sing and is so excited. It is at this moment her mutant ability manifests. Alison Blaire has the ability to turn sound into light, the stronger the sound the stronger the blast of light. Despite that she has a fabulous power that coincides with her talent. Despite she has teamed with the X-Men. Alison Blaire still became a lawyer. She eventually learned that those gifts made her special. She began to chase her dream. Wearing a silvery white jumpsuit, mirrored bracelets, disco ball necklace and mirrored roller-skates Alison Blaire became, Dazzler. Disco was never the same.

We can use Dazzler as a good example. We have discussed chasing our dreams before. But let’s look at “the moment”. Many mutant abilities manifests at extreme moments. Alison’s while she was singing. Wolverine’s while defending his father. Rogue’s while receiving her first kiss. Alison knew that moment she step on the stage her life would change. We all feel moments like these. We let fear and worry hold us back. We let fear of the outcome hold us back. We let fear of appearance hold us back. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt said, “Only thing we have to fear is fear itself”. The book, A Course in Miracles, written by Dr. Helen Schucman suggests that fear is just a mental manifestation and a truly spiritual life. With a connection to the spiritual there is no room for fear. We create our own fear. Today enter that Art Show or go on the new job interview or step out on stage and sing. Be dazzling! There is no fear!

First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men, #130 (February 1980), Marvel Comics

Solo Appearance: Dazzler, #1 (March 1981), Marvel Comics

Creators: Tom DeFalco (writer) John Romita, Jr. (art)

* “So Bright This Star”,  Dazzler, #1 (March 1981), Marvel Comics