Superstar - The Price

Everything comes with a price. There is loss and gain in every situation. We do not let these ideas stop us. Sometimes it’s difficult to see the loss or to see the gain but both are present. Sometimes just take a step out of self and try looking at the big picture.

The Price

“He’s going to keep doing what he does. Because it’s what he wants to do. Who he wants to be. He just hates the Price, that’s all.” - Narrator*

Cody Bridges grew up in a home with a wealthy but unavailable and abusive father. When it came time to be an adult Cody put himself through school working odd jobs. While in Austria as a ski instructor Cody participated in a Parapsychology experiment. There was an accident and an explosion. Cody Bridges found he absorbed the strength and power from those in the room. As people believed in him he grew stronger. Eventually his father got involved and cooked up a plan to increase his power through publicity, media and sales. Cody Bridges became “Superstar” and as his popularity grows so does his power. Cody is a media Superstar, but it comes with a price. To be a superhero Cody must take from his fans, who truly love him. For Superstar is it worth the price? 

A comic book page is a series of panels or images to create and ongoing story through words, dialogue and art. Taken out of context a single panel could be beautifully crafted, but the words do not make sense. Continuing to read the other panels we get an idea what the page is about and by reading the other pages we finish the story. As humans we get so caught up in our individual panels we forget the page or the story. Trying to decide the “right path” we get bogged down in worrying about the outcome. Step back from the comic book page and try to see the big picture. Will this decision help reach the destination or just be an interesting path of folly? Make the decision and take that next step. When the decision is made turn the page of your own heroic comic book and continue reading the story.

Superstar (Cody Bridges)
First Appearance: Superstar: As Seen On T.V.! , #1 (June 2001), Image Comics

Creators: Kurt Busiek (writer) Stuart Immonen (art)

* Superstar: As Seen On T.V.! , #1 (June 2001), Image Comics